Daring to be different

The Black Badge models underline the charisma and self-confidence of Rolls-Royce – Black Badge is for people who don’t want to conform. A calling card for those who dare to be different. Black Badge thus embodies more than the sporting variant of its respective standard version; rather, it is its own philosophy of life and outlook in which their owners see themselves reflected; it is the allure of the unknown emphasised by the dramatic aesthetics of the Black Badge models.


Black Badge is available on  Dawn, Wraith, Cullinan and Ghost and is already recognisable on the outside by its black grille, black “Spirit of Ecstasy”, carbon aluminium wheels and optional black windows and light mounting. The concentrated energy is not only visually noticeable, however. All Black Badge models boast more power, a firmer chassis, larger brake discs and a flap exhaust. The power is delivered much more directly, the gearshifts are significantly more agile and the chassis is designed for sportier handling. Nevertheless, the Rolls-Royce never loses its elegance, the desire for the utmost in luxury and its claim for a comfortable glide.

Launched at the end of October 2021, the Black Badge Ghost once again takes Black Badge to a new level. The yet-again-improved gearbox, all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering offer the most responsive and dynamic drive the brand has ever achieved – with the smoothest Magic Carpet Ride feel imaginable.