The SUV for maximum freedom and luxurious off-road experience

The Cullinan, the fifth series from Rolls-Royce, is an SUV like no other. It combines the exceptional comfort and luxury of a Rolls-Royce with the driving features of a modern SUV. From now on, there are no boundaries to Rolls-Royce customers’ spirit of discovery and the thirst for adventure; “effortless everywhere” is therefore the slogan that best describes this series.


The Cullinan cuts just as good a figure off-road as it does in front of the opera in a major city or the chalet in the mountains. For the first time since its market launch in 2018, Rolls-Royce provides the necessary traction with an intelligent four-wheel drive, which can now also be found in the latest addition to the Rolls-Royce family, the new Ghost. The Cullinan boasts a V12 engine with an engine displacement of 6.75 litres and an output of 571 PS with a maximum torque of 850 Nm.

Those who really want to crown the extravagance of their Cullinan can equip their car with an electrically operated luggage compartment component. Two variants are available here: The “Recreation” module allows smaller objects to be safely stowed away and at the same time hidden from prying eyes; the Viewing Suite transforms the picnic excursion into a luxurious highlight. Two electrically extendable leather seats and a cocktail table completely redefine picnic culture.