With “La Voiture Noire”, the French luxury car brand has once again proven that it builds the most exquisite and exclusive hyper cars in the world. The two-door car with its breath-taking sculpture is strikingly elegant thanks to the use of visible carbon in deep black. A coupé with the comfort of a luxury sedan and the power of a hyper car.


In the automotive world, the name “La Voiture Noire” has a special ring: Ettore Bugatti’s son Jean developed and drove one of only four Type 57 SC Atlantic produced. He called his model “La Voiture Noire” – the black car. Shortly before the Second World War, the car disappeared without a trace. Today it is considered one of the great mysteries of the automotive world with an indescribable value.

“La Voiture Noire” was handcrafted for a BUGATTI enthusiast. The car is a collection of superlatives. In addition to design, quality and exclusive materials, this also extends to the iconic drive: the 16-cylinder mid-engine with eight litres of engine displacement and 1,500 PS.

The coupé is the most expensive new car in the world – seamlessly fitting into BUGATTI’s long history: Since the company was founded in 1909, the French luxury manufacturer has been producing the best and most powerful sports and luxury cars in the world. True to Ettore Bugatti’s motto: “If it’s comparable, it’s no longer BUGATTI.” The new hyper car reflects BUGATTI’s French heritage and identity. Elegance through minimalism, refinement through intensification. A creative customised creation, comparable only to the haute couture of exclusive fashion designers from Paris.