Spirit electrified.


The Rolls-Royce Spectre is the first fully electric ultra-luxury Super Coupé from the British automaker, embodying the electrified spirit that glides almost silently. Co-founder of the marque, Charles Rolls, was already convinced in 1900 that the electric motor represented the ideal propulsion system, being quiet, clean, and free from vibrations. It is primarily a Rolls-Royce and only secondarily an electric car: no concessions or compromises have been made regarding interior, comfort, performance, or driving quality – on the contrary, everything has been refined and enhanced through the underlying architecture and technology of the vehicle. With two electric motors per axle, the new Spectre delivers nearly 600 PS with a torque of up to 900 Newton meters. Depending on driving style and conditions, the stunning Spectre offers a range of over 500 km. It embodies automotive haute couture and represents the most aerodynamic Rolls-Royce ever built. In the interior, it not only impresses with many new features but also features new “Starlight Doors”, which illuminate the Rolls-Royce with an additional 4.796 stars alongside the starry sky. Spectre sets new standards for luxury, performance, and design in the era of electric vehicles in every respect.