A new era with the “Architecture of Luxury”

Rolls-Royce would not be Rolls-Royce if it did not surpass what already exists. That is why the eighth series of the Phantom eclipsed everything Rolls-Royce had ever done before when it was unveiled in 2017, presenting the “Architecture of Luxury” for the first time to form the basis for all new developments from then on.


An aluminium spaceframe paired with an adaptive, air-suspended and satellite-supported chassis as well as tyres developed especially for this car will let you experience the famous “Magic Carpet Ride” of Rolls-Royce in a completely new way. Adaptive four-wheel steering and a sophisticated camera system make you want to drive the new Phantom yourself – despite its imposing dimensions. The interior has been rejuvenated without eliminating classic styling elements, allowing even more freedom for customisation, thanks in part to its “Gallery” integrated into the dashboard. The Phantom also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of performance: Its V12 engine with 6.75 litres of engine displacement and an output of 571 PS along with a maximum torque of 900 Nm allows the most luxurious series sedan to glide along powerfully yet smoothly. The Rolls-Royce Phantom is the spearhead of the brand and leaves nothing to be desired.