The most classic convertible of all time

The Dawn is the favourite for the summer, you might think. But the Rolls-Royce convertible can be enjoyed all year round thanks to its easy handling and luxurious features. Since the car is built on the same base as the Rolls-Royce Coupé, it is in no way inferior to its brother in terms of driving dynamics, comfort and driving pleasure.


Whether with the top up or down, the Rolls-Royce Dawn always cuts a very elegant and timeless figure. It can be enjoyed by two as well as by four, thanks to its generous space in the rear. Its 6.6- litre V12 engine is shared with its brother Wraith, giving it a commanding 571 PS and 820 Nm of torque. If the normal convertible is not extravagant enough for you, you have countless possibilities to influence the design, especially of the interior. For example, the bonnet of the convertible top can be finished in teak wood, conjuring up the look of a yacht in Saint Tropez. This exquisite wood panelling can also be extended to the doors and dashboard. Another highlight for the Dawn is the removable “Aero Cowling”, an attachment above the rear seats which transforms the car from a four-seater convertible to a classic English roadster.

No matter which variant you choose, your Dawn will be unmatched in terms of elegance and presence.