THE MCLAREN 765LT / 765LT Spider

The new McLaren 765LT bears a legendary name: Longtail. And every Longtail is unique. Extreme and focused on the driver without compromise. Sensational handling and channelled aggression dominate the maximum driving experience. Exciting performance is articulated in the extended profile and the deeper stance.


In every sophisticated, beautiful detail. Like the redesigned front splitter and striking side air intakes that evoke the legendary 675LT.

Power alone, however, is meaningless. It has to be backed up by perfectly balanced dynamic skills. A whole range of carbon fibre elements – from the front splitter to the new active Longtail rear wing – generate 25% more downforce than in the 720S Coupé. The design of the 765LT is entirely focused on speed and aerodynamic stability. It unleashes its immense power with mesmerising precision. With a staggering 765 PS, this is the most powerful LT to date. Only 765 cars are to be produced to thrill 765 selected drivers.

The new 765LT Spider is the latest member of this exclusive line. A total of only 765 cars are to be produced, including the open-top version. In just 11 seconds, the ultra-lightweight, one-piece electric retractable hardtop opens and stows away. So nothing stands between you and the elements.