The next chapter in the glorious history of the McLaren “Longtail” and only the fourth McLaren in two decades to don the LT – “Longtail” – name. It embodies the irresistible spirit of its “Longtail” predecessors. Unified by one and the same goal: to push performance and driving experience to the absolute limit.


The new carbon fibre body, fixed rear wing and large rear diffuser extend the silhouette by 74 mm. This results in significantly greater downforce, further enhancing the dynamic experience – especially on the race track. For the driver, this means an incredibly pure, confidence-based bond with the 600LT.
This car is not for the timid or faint-hearted. It is a road-legal race car. The new benchmark for sports cars. The fastest, most powerful and most extreme Sports Series ever. This is the next McLaren “Longtail”. The number of new McLaren LTs produced is strictly limited and everything is assembled by hand at the McLaren Production Centre in Woking, Surrey.

The Spider version of the new McLaren LT was unveiled in 2019. At the touch of a button, the ultra-lightweight retractable hardtop vanishes into the rear, moving the driver even closer to the stunning LT experience. In every single captivating moment. Like every McLaren that can boast the LT moniker, the 600LT Spider is aggressively aerodynamic and incredibly light. The family of exclusive, breath-taking cars has a new member. A Spider without compromise, further heightening the exhilaration of an LT. Welcome to the absolute limit.